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Praca: Regular Java Developer

Regular Java Developer

Luxoft is a global leader in high-end software development.

Luxoft is looking for talents with a passion for technology & ready to create original solutions. Once on board, you are invited to expand your knowledge & skills, offering you a continuous learning experience helping you stretch your potential.

So if you’re enthusiastic by the idea of accessing cutting edge technology & innovation to make an impact, why dont you join us?
Regular Java Developer
Miejsce pracy: Wroclaw
Nr Ref.: VR-39394

  • Development
  • Refactoring
  • Unit and Integration Testing within TDD approach
  • Estimations within Scrum approach
  • Investigations, Research
  • Active participation in distributed agile process
We offer
  • The program operates across 7 countries: Poland, UK, Ukraine, Hong Kong, India, China, US.
  • Approximately 120 IT personnel including 15 Scrum teams. Luxoft provides 6 teams and 10 on-site employees including a Portfolio Manager.
  • 9 modular application components.
  • Production releases every 2 weeks.
  • Approximately 200 code changes per day.
  • 5,000 functional and regression tests run every day.
  • 2.2 million lines of code.
  • Over 700 users of the application across 18 countries.

We succeed in deliver a scalable, flexible operations processing platform capable of supporting business growth at zero marginal cost, maximizing STP through the reduction of manual processes, and creating best-in-class operational infrastructure that could be leveraged across asset classes.

We have set-up efficient Scrum Enterprise process with such elements as TDD, automated tests, self-managed teams, spec by example, BDD, etc.

Mature Technical and Process Practices

In our daily work we follow the best Agile/Scrum values and practices. Our main goal is to produce high-quality technical solutions which meet expectations of our end users. We achieve it by working directly with business representatives, continuous focus on maximizing business value, monthly releases and 2-week Sprints, resulting into a completed potentially shippable product increment.

Self-Organized Teams

Delivery is done by self-organized cross-functional teams; each of them consists of a Business Analyst, four developers and one QA who sit together in the same room and interact on a daily basis. Each team responsible for end-to-end, starting from high-level requirements clarification and finishing by release build preparation.

Ability to Grow Technically and Professionally

We aim to hire the best people and give them maximum autonomy for realizing their potential and growing technically/professionally. Competence, collaboration and continuous improvement are highly supported on program level, to create a culture where each individual can grow in their desired direction. Also there is agreement with our customers about spending 10% of everybodys time for non-delivery activities (as a contribution to the greater good of the platform and department). Our working model provides opportunity for everybody to take part in making technical/architectural decisions.

Business Trips to London

Regular business trips to London allow people to improve their English level, also create opportunities for knowledge sharing with high-skilled technical and business experts on customer side.

No Manual Testing

We dont hire manual testers in teams and we dont have manual testing as separate development stage. In daily work we automate as much as possible. We are disciplined when write code, follow pair-programming and TDD practices, use several levels of testing (unit, integration and functional). This allows us to keep quality at a higher level, have frequent releases, get continuous feedback after each commit, reduce amount of bugs and dont have post-release support phase.

Technology Stack

Our key principle is regular evaluation of new technologies and adoption where a benefit can be shown. Currently we use Java, Spring, Hibernate, Drools, XQuery, JAXB, IBM MQ, Oracle, Groovy/Grails, GWT for development, Maven and Gradle as build tools. For writing automated tests we use JUnit, EasyB, Cucumber, Mockito/EasyMock. Also we have our own framework for functional testing which will be soon replaced by Concordion and JBehave. In future we plan to use GigaSpaces, HTLM5/JavaScript for GUI side and Scala.

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